Alaskan King Crab

IMG_0033 Enjoy a Whole King Crab at David’s. Anywhere from 6 to 9 lbs. these are whole and served with a choice of 2 sides. Available nightly as we now carry them in stock to serve the tremendous demand! A crab can be Dinner for 2 with nothing else! Dinner for 4 with appetizers or 8 people to share as a starter! Call for market pricing at 904-310-6049 and reserve your King Crab today for that special someone or spectacular event!
IMG_0871  August 4, 2017
A group of five decided to share of famous Deadliest Catch King Crab. At 7lb 4 oz. this crab did just that. They all enjoyed it so much that Loretta is coming back for 2nds! Thank you for dining at David’s and please come in to see your picture on our King Crab Hall of Fame Wall!
IMG_0893August 16, 2017
This couple wanted to have crab and they did.  On there Bucket List for a Bering Sea Deadliest Catch King Crab.  Presented by the Executive Chef, Wesley her response was “OMG that is amazing!” and he said “I’m going to tear this up!”  Enjoyed it so very much and was glad we could share the experience with them.
 crab 4August 24, 2017
Another Bering Sea King Crab devoured at 7lbs & 8ozs by Mr. & Mrs. George Strehle and Theresa Hughes. After the appetizers these three decided to share this colossal King Crab for dinner. Lemon crowns and drawn clarified butter. When asked if it was prepared to their liking, a “IT IS WONDERFUL” from all three rang through the restaurant.
 20140906_185205September 6, 2017
These folks didn’t play around.  Rodney & April Howard, Kenny & Jenny Earnhart didn’t want just get one crab, they got TWO!!. 8.1lbs & 7.8lbs of Bering Sea Alaskan King Crab. No sides for this crew.  April & Jenny just keep staring at the crabs and the men began to chow down no utensils required. Kenny said, ” The Best ever” and Rodney just kept rolling his eyes in the back of his head, and finally just said “AWESOME”.  The leftovers, over a pound of crab was taken back to there B&B for a breakfast to die for!
 IMG_0334November 12, 2017
Alaskan King Crab is coming out at 8lbs 5 oz..  They had a lot of fun and enjoyed the Alaskan King Crabs. We look forward to seeing them again for the Holidays.
photo 4-17-2015December 22, 2017
This party of 8 didn’t order just one crab but TWO!! Loved every bite and no doggie bag was needed to be packed.  Although dessert was not an option!!!
IMG_0356January 5, 2018
My boys were in town so I surprised them with a huge whole Alaskan King Crab. All enjoyed the legs packed with meat and under the joints a ton of more Crab. Alex & Liz stuffed there faces.  Love them all!!